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We take pride in offering the highest level of customer service in the direct marketing industry

What they are saying:

"Their best quality is that they are so easy to work with. Everything we send their way is late before it gets there and somehow they bring the projects current again." (Advertising Production Manager)

"They showed me how to get more out of my mail promotions and saved me a bundle in postage." (Small Business Owner)

"We just pick up the phone and tell them the materials are coming and they take it from there. They helped us show our clients a few tricks about alternate entry points to speed up deliveries and save postage!" (Commercial Printer)

"We've used them for 11 years with all our appeal campaigns. We couldn't have done so well without them!" (Non-profit Agency)

"We've grown our congregation for over 9 years with their services. We use them for promoting our special services around Easter and Christmas." (Local Church)

"I spoke with 4 postal clerks and got 4 different explanations of what I'm supposed to do with my mail. ADM gave me the right solution that worked best for me." (Local mailer)



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