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We have been providing top-notch direct marketing and mailing services for thirty years.

Advanced Direct Marketing Services was founded in 1984 by Jim Lanahan.  We provide an array of marketing support services, including direct mail, addressing, inserting, fulfillment, list sales, address updating, on-line parking pass registration and more.  We have been in this location in Jacksonville since 1990.

Jim Lanahan brings a degree in Advertising and Public Relations as well as an MBA in Finance to bear when working with and advising clients on cost effective and strategically sound ways of communicating with their publics.  In addition, Jim is past Chairman of the Board of Goodwill Industries of North Florida, President (2012-2013) of the Rotary Club of South Jacksonville, and retired as Colonel with 26 years of service from the US Marine Corps Reserves.   Jim uses his experience and contacts in the community to assist our clients to make the best of their promotional dollar. E-mail:  jim@adm-service.com

Since Joining the firm in 1989, John Rogerson manages the flow of data, materials and production scheduling to ensure that each project in completed “on-time as scheduled.”  In addition, John works closely with clients on maintaining their mail lists to minimize postage costs and improve delivery speed. E-mail:  john@adm-service.com

Shane Howell has over 15 years of production experience in the industry.  Shane oversees the daily production of customer projects and communicates daily with the US Postal Service to ensure a smooth flow of printed materials from receipt at our location to entry into the mail stream.  E-mail:  shane@adm-service.com

Marian Lanahan brings over 35 years of administrative service experience to the job.  She works closely with a variety of non-profits and taxing agencies to ensure that all imaging projects are appealing in appearance, accurate, and timely.  E-mail:  marian@adm-service.com



                                        Advanced Direct Marketing Services · 3733 Adirolf Rd. · Jacksonville, FL 32207 · 904-396-3028 · e-mail: sales@adm-service.com